TERMS & Policies

Thank you for choosing Harlem Zen!

Help us to serve you better by observing our policies before booking.

  • A non-refundable deposit or valid CC is required to book services. 
  • Deposits are applied to service price or maintained on file.
  • Cancel 24 hours prior to avoid fees!
  • Late Cancellation Fee (25%) No Show Fee (50%).

◦       Clients who have not contacted us will be marked as a No Show  after 15 minutes (email or text for cancellation verification).  

◦       After 2 No Shows future appointments must be pre-paid. 

◦       Pre-paid appointments are non-refundable. 

◦       Fees due must be paid to resume services.

  • To help us best serve everyone please arrive on time. 
  •  If tardy you will only be serviced for the duration of scheduled session.
  • Due to safety considerations children are not permitted.
  • Please enjoy media content with headphones and make calls outside of the waiting area to maintain a ZEN environment. 

Laser Treatment Best Practices

  • Shave (1-2 days prior) OR trim (day of) appointment. 

◦       Therapists do not trim hair. Inappropriately trimmed areas will not be treated for client safety. 

  • Makeup reduces effectiveness of laser services and can cause harm. A Deep Cleanse is required if makeup is not removed. (Deep Cleanse $10)
  • Consistency is key to results. Schedule follow up treatment in 4 weeks

 For questions or concerns about your appointment please call/ text 646.389.3633 or email info@harlemzen.com


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