Most frequent questions and answers

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Its not totally pain-free but it is amazingly tolerable for a laser treatment.  Many clients liken it to “tattoo pain” which is more aggravating than outwardly painful.  At the higher levels it feels more like little pinches and at the lower levels it can be compared to the feeling of warm rain.


At Harlem Zen you leave looking awesome! We can’t speak for any other laser practices. Immediately after treatment, your skin should have a warm flushed glow and there may be some immediate tautness and evening effects visible.  These benefits will only become more pronounced over time.  The skin just gets better and better!


Just be a bit more careful. Be diligent with sunscreen whether or not you will have direct sun exposure.  Try to avoid excessive heat like steam rooms and saunas after treatment.


If you are coming for a hair removal treatment please shave 1-2 days prior to treatment.  Please DO NOT wax, thread, tweeze, use chemical hair removers or do anything other than shaving (wet or with clippers) prior to treatment.  A small amount of stubble is required for the treatment to be effective. See below pic for “ready to laser” stubble.

Essentially, if skin is aging laser treatment can help restore the youthful look of skin by causing a tightening effect that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Additionally, a ‘false hurt’ effect tricks the skin into producing collagen which gives the skin a more firm, youthful appearance. For acne-prone skin, laser treatments have a three-pronged effect of (1) killing p-acne bacteria that causes breakouts, (2) shrinking the size of the sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and (3) stimulating collagen production to restore scarred skin.  For hyperpigmented skin the treatment can help break up the clusters of melanin that have accumulated in the skin for an all-over even tone.


The laser targets melanin in the hair and uses it as a conduit to transmit energy down into the follicle to shut down hair production process.  The machine’s unique ability to discern between the hair and the skin is what allows successful treatment for people of all shades.  Only actively growing hairs can be successfully eliminated, so multiple sessions are needed to achieve the desired result.


We can never guarantee that anyone will ever be 100% hairless but you will be amazed and pleased with your results.  As several factors affect the efficacy of a treatment we can’t make a generalized response but averaging across body parts and the many variations of people, we can say roughly six to 12 treatments will complete the series for “average person.”  Hormonal imbalances may require additional treatments.  Some clients do an annual touch-up session in the even that the body attempts to regenerate its hair production ability.

Congratulations 🎊! When you discover there’s  a little one on the way we must immediately stop laser treatment. Don’t worry if you’ve purchased a package–it will never expire. We’ll be ready for you when you come back!