For the fellas

Our ZEN Men love coming in for quick results-driven aesthetic services that improve the health and look of their skin and make their lives a little bit easier.

Bald Head Laser Hair Removal:

Did you know you could save the shave and wake up  with a smooth and gleaming head every single day?  Calculate what you would spend on the trips to the barber and count the savings!


Why not Wake Up with your Shape Up? Keeping the beard area looking fresh and groomed can be a real chore.  Let us use our ZEN Precision(TM) method to permanently line up your facial hair to your exact specifications.  Remove the dark line-up scarring that occurs from repeated line-ups.

Neck Laser Hair Removal:

Nobody really needs a neck beard.  Make your beard stop where you’d like it to and relieve yourself of the ingrown hairs and irritation that often occurs in that harder to shave area.

Body Microdermabrasion:

Sometimes when the barber gets too aggressive or ingrown hairs and razor burn leave their mark we can end up with dark spots and hyperpigmentation in certain areas of the face and body.  Allow our diamond microdermabrasion wand to erase the evidence that there was ever as skin irritation.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal: 

Get smooth all over with laser hair removal on the back, chest, abdomen or shoulders.  We also do Manscaping and hair removal in the entire genital region.  Great for body builders, military, swimmers and other athletes.