Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Fast, effective treatments for smooth, hairless skin. Safe for all skin types!

ZenSmooth vs ZenZoom

We have laser options to serve you better.  Depending on your objectives we are able to accommodate you with excellent service.  
If your primary aim is hair removal, your best option is likely the ZenZoom Service with the Diode Laser, its delivering stellar results in clearance of unwanted hair. 
If you have multiple skincare goals for the treatment area including hair removal, acne treatment, reducing inflammation, sun damage, slack skin and/or smoothing unwanted texture, our multi-purpose NdYAG laser can address several concerns at once. Same price, different experiences to address your different skincare needs.
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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

See our  treatment area map to view coverage areas.

XS area

$ 59 Diode: 5min | YAG: 15min
  • upper lip
  • lower lip, ears 
  • big toes, areolas
  • widow's peak
  • unibrow

Small area

$ 79 Diode: 10min | YAG: 25min
  • chin
  • nape hairline
  • sideburns
  • fingers
  • toes

Medium area

$ 99 Diode: 15min | YAG: 45min
  • bikini line
  • half-face
  • underarm, neck
  • happy trail, decollette
  • hands, feet

Large area

$ 159 Diode: 25min | YAG: 60min
  • full face
  • breasts
  • bikini + happy trail
  • any two medium areas
  • upper + lower arm

XL area

$ 179 Diode: 30min | YAG: 70min
  • bald head
  • chest, lower back
  • shoulder, abdomen,
  • Brazilian, lower leg
  • thighs, buttocks

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Tones

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Dark Skin?

Some laser spas introduced laser “for dark skin” or for “deep tones” in recent years…almost as an afterthought.  However we created Harlem Zen with proficiency in treatment for all skin tones as the main objective.  This is our niche because so many laser spas have a track record of damaging or under-treating skin of color.  We specialize in getting results on all skin tones because we only purchase equipment that is effective for all skin tones and employ service providers who are well versed in caring for diverse skin types.  

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