Microdermabrasion is a skin-freshening technique that helps reveal fresh unblemisherd skin.  Ideal for skin damaged by sun exposure, lack of exfoliation, post traumatic hyperpigmentation and the effects of aging. Gentle diamond abrasion with suction removes the dead, outer layer of skin. As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, more than one treatment is needed to reduce or remove fine wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.


microdermabrasion detox ritual

Treat hyperpigmentation and congested pores with this deep-cleansing facial. A detox treatment under steam follows gentle, yet effective passes of diamond microdermabrasion (crystal-free). Extractions upon request.

zen smooth body microdermabrasion

Buff away hyperpigmentation and smooth skin’s texture. Excellent partner to laser treatments that reveal discolored skin. Frequently used to lighten darkened armpits and bikini lines or to smooth legs suffering from hyperkeratoses (“strawberry legs”).

Just Micro

A thorough cleansing followed by multiple passes of diamond microdermabrasion. Controlled deep exfoliation for a quick clean-up. Finish with application of sunscreen.