An urban oasis, inspired by the charm and vibrancy of Harlem, NY.

Our founder and lead esthetician, Angela McTair, struggled with chronic, confidence-destroying acne well into her adult years. As a scientist, she knew there were ways to chemically balance and control the skin, so she tested product after product in hopes of healing her own skin. After she discovered that most products were filled with irritating ingredients that only worsened the situation, she set off on a mission. 

After years of study, an aesthetics licensure, and certifications in chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, laser and manual lymphatic drainage, Angela founded Harlem Zen. Bringing together nature and technology, Harlem Zen uses cold-pressed organic products and simple, inflammation-reducing formulas and the most advanced laser technology to soothe the skin and ease it into submission. 

We are committed to giving your skin ultimate care. We partner with you on your beauty agenda. We study the root cause of your skin concerns and provide guidance and treatment to get you the results you desire. We don’t want to see you back again for the same issue. We want to see you come in for a different beauty concern or routine maintenance and we want you to recommend us to your friends too! We believe that delivering lasting results is the way to run a business, and that we will change lives by alleviating aesthetic concerns. 

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