Terms and Policies


Just a quick note to reassure you all that we are steadfast in our aim to be the cleanest and the most Covid-Ready establishment you will visit when you leave your home.

Here’s what we’ve done to maintain Medical Grade cleaning and sanitization, maximize social distance and ensure the health of those around us: 

  • Mandatory temperature checks for clients and staff
  • Secured treatment rooms with full glass enclosure
  • Supplied all staff with required face masks, gloves and face shields
  • Replaced all foam, towels and linens with medical grade disposables
  • Full sanitization of treatment rooms between services (includes the floor!)
  • Virtual Front Desk and Contact-less Checkout 
  • Installed automated front door release (one less surface to touch!)
  • No guest policy

Now we need to undo that last one… we’ve heard your dismay at being unable to get on the books for months.  Unfortunately that’s not only because we are super busy.  Our relaxed policies have encouraged some to book appointments and not show up.  So to ensure everyone can get treated in a timely manner we are reintroducing No Show/ Late Cancellation Fees. 

**Please notify us within 24hrs if you are unable to make your appointment to avoid a fee equivalent to 50% of your service.  If you do not show up or notify us the fee will be equal to the full cost of the service.**

We certainly understand that life happens.  We just ask that you reach out to us when it does so we can react accordingly.  There will be no fee if you indicate a Late Cancellation/ No Show due to presumed Covid-19 exposure.  We will however be unable to treat you for 14 days and will require a Covid-negative test result before we can treat you again.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!



TERMS & Policies

  • A non-refundable deposit or valid credit card is required to book services. 
  • Deposits are applied to service price or maintained on file.
  • Cancel 24 hours prior to avoid fees. (Late cancellation fee – 25%) (No-show fee – 50%)
  • Clients who have not contacted us will be marked as a no-show after 15 minutes (email or text for cancellation verification).  
  • After two no-shows all future appointments must be pre-paid. 
  • Pre-paid appointments are non-refundable. 
  • Fees due must be paid to resume services.
  • To help us best serve everyone please arrive on time. 
  • If tardy you will only be serviced for the duration of scheduled session.
  • Due to safety considerations children are not permitted.
  • Please enjoy media content with headphones and make calls outside of the waiting area to maintain a ZEN environment. 

Laser treatment
best practices

  • Shave (1-2 days prior) OR trim (day of) appointment. Therapists do not trim hair. Inappropriately trimmed areas will not be treated for client safety. 
  • Makeup reduces effectiveness of laser services and can cause harm. A Deep Cleanse is required if makeup is not removed. (Deep Cleanse $10)
  • Consistency is key to results. Schedule follow up treatment in 4 weeks. 
  • For questions or concerns about your appointment please call/ text 646.389.3633 or email info@harlemzen.com.